A few pages from the new picture book I just finished!--

Some personal work

Enviroment design for an animated sequence for a TV children's show

was made for the very talented guys at studio pilanimation.com


Concept Art and Character Design for an animation movie

client- Pitchipoy Studio :


Here's a few Boys and Girls [and Aunties]

from recent sketches, all made in photoshop



Illustrations for Whiteboard Animations

Explainer animation for Tevet




A few samples from an animation for Jewish Day Schools



Vector styled environment for an animation project


A taste from illustrations I made for a parenting guidance book

called "Shh.. At Night We Sleep"

Publishing house: Kineret-Zmora Publishing

For misc children's books:


Samples of various different styles I do


My entry for the Android\Robot

August Character Design Challenge


Character Design and Concept Art for an animated movie-

Along with my art, it won the 12,000$ funding prize in the 2016 Draft/Skitsa animation movies contest


Concept Art & Design for an animation project called "The Lost Light":

I made the illustrations and character design for the animated parts.

( to see the movie trailer click here- https://torahlive.com/courses/the-lost-light/# )


Here's a small taste of my work there-


Character Design
Character Design
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These are still raw material, it still needs to go through editing and after-effects


Character Design
Character Design
Character Design
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(I illustrated everything directly in ToonBoom Harmony)

when I joined this project it was after 15 minutes of the movie was already done, so it was a challenge for me to bring my creativity and style into a given design


Illustrations for a 3-D picture book shown in the movie

(again, this is before after-effects)


Old Stuff- For an animated series

Offside Story
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For an E-Book

Lunch Time
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Even older stuff

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